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Quotes by theWalrus

I really don't like touching people very much
and this one time I went on a date with a guy
and he tried to hug me at the end and as he leaned in
I grabbed his hand and just gave him a hand shake
and then gave a thumbs up and left him standing there
and If this doesn't describe my life I don't know what does

It makes me sad
that I only feel safe running alone with pepper spray,
and I still won't even run trails alone no matter what,
because of how many female runners get attacked.
Yet my guy friends still laugh at me for being 'paranoid'
And I don't know I just want to punch them in the throat


so can someone tell me how all of my weird childhood friends got hot?
Today I got whistled at 3 times while I was running
The worst part is i'm pretty sure it was sarcastic 
When my mom buys food so good that
I have to eat it all before my siblings do:

The real hunger games
Finals Week:
Thick headbands are for hiding dirty hair
Updos are for hiding peeling scalp pieces
Why does snoop dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo Drizzle
The name's Banks.

Robin Banks
I like my men like the Mississippi River:
long, strong, and ready to rock my boat.
Is it the weekend?
Yes                     No
   l                         l
   l              Is it a monday?
   l               Yes              No
   l                  l                  l
   l                  l         Are you trying to impress someone?
   l                  l          No                                         Yes
   l                  l            l                                             l
   l                  l            l                                  Is it the love of your life?  
   l                  l            l                                         No                  Yes
   l                  l            l                                           l                       l
   l                  l            l                                           l                  Really?
   l                  l            l                                           l               No       Yes
   l                  l            l                                           l                 l            l
   l                  l            l                                           l                 l    Then they will love
   l                  l            l                                           l                 l    you for who you are
   l                  l            l                                           l                 l             l
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