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i have everything i need.
i dont care what people think anymore
im me, no one else.
you have one life,
make it one to remember.


Quotes by theXregret

Today, i was..
picked on, pushed around,

 told i couldn't do it,
told that i was dumb,
told that he didn't love me,
and told that i need to try harder.
Tomorrow, i will...
stand up for what is right,
follow my dreams no matter what,
answer every question,
tell the guy i love that i love him,
and throughout all of that,

do my best; cause I'm me,
and i know i can.

I've said "i love you" to
to many guys.. but this time,
its different. i think i really do
truly love him <3

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom...
lived a princess, who loved her prince.
they dated and dated, until one day he dumped
her. The next day, he started dating another princess.
and the one he dumped became very sad and lonely.
where is my happy ever after...

don't you just LOVE when
a couple says "i love you"
to each other after 3 days
of "going out"
.....i don't.

i love him,
and he doesn't even know it(:

true story?

i told him i couldn't look into his eyes,
because i hate being serious.

truth is, im afraid i might fall in love with him if i do. 


i am so sick of
coming home at night,
blasting music from my earphones,

and   crying   until   i   fall   asleep.



there's a time when you realize
everything falls into place;
just for that one minute your happy,
& satisfied with your life.
and the next minute, you realize
you were wrong.