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Status: It's my brothers birthday and once again he's spending it in prison away from me</3
About Me:
I want to live fast&die young....

My name is Naomi Nichole, im 14 years young.I love music, basketball, and my best friends are Misha&Paige&Ethan who without them i would not be here.
Sometimes i really hate being human. These feelings are unneeded and id rather not hurt anymore.

 My favorite bands are Matchbox Twentey, NeverShoutNever, and Escape The Fate. My favorite songs right now is Nothing by The Script. It' amazinggg.
My brother is gone and isn't coming back. I miss him so much and i don't know how i'm going to deal with this.

I live with an anxiety problem but i've learned to deal with it best i can. I haven't completley healed. Don't Judge.
You know my name, not my story.

Today I got asked out by the boy I’ve always loved. He’s super smart, hot, cute, adorable, amazing, funny, perfect, awesome, and THE BEST GUY IN THE WORLD! Well I haven’t said a name yet even though that is pretty important, Jacob Anthony Williams(: hes the only guy that can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time<3 my favorite place in the world is in his arms and holding his hands<3 And just in case your reading this baby I love you to the moon and back a bajillion times, and I know were meant to be together, and I’m glad you see it too<333
I don't want to talk anymore in school, in fear of saying something wrong. I don't want to act or react to anything, in fear of doing something wrong. I'm stuck. Can people just like me for who i really am?
Too much to ask?...
Thought so.

Quotes by the_last_goodbye

You know how you acted when we first started going out?
Yah, don't stop


The times we had will never be forgotten


imma make you pancakes



I just thought
I'd let you
know your
all i think


my format.
credit if using. ♥

those people
in your life that know so much about you
that they could ruin your life
in a second,
yet you know they won't

& that's why you love them.





makes me smile bigger and wider than anyone in the whole world ever, ever could♥

He texted while playing..

Black Ops♥

If you don't want to hear
the truth
Don't ask.

Homecoming Dance
Aka: Survival of the fittest
That girl you always talk about

She's got everything i have to live without. -Taylor swift