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im brittany. im tired of drama. it's pointless. im tired of caring about people that wiill NEVER care about me. i love music. it helps me excape. i want ONE boy to care about me for me. i get annoyed by people very easily. i've been alive for sixteen years. ive met some pretty rad people on here!! if it wasnt for them. i dont know what id do! i live in a small town in illinois. nothing special at all. comment me sometime. im really a nice person!
STATUS:   you either love me or you dont. stop playing games with me boy. im over the kid games. when you say your gonna call.. CALL! dont make me wait around all night for you to text me..  just GROW UPP!


Quotes by the_unpredictable

"I Love You"

[a p r i l]                            [f o o l s]
& He Said
that   person   you   live   for?
that's             you
the person you smile everytime you talk to them?
that's       →      you
the one person you truely cant live without?
that's            you
» I Love him «

m the girl _x

that isnt so o r g a i n z e d, doesnt
make her bed until she comes
home from school. likes to
answer the phone after the
first _ ring. brushes her hair
randomly. cuts herself while
shaving, and crys when she
*burns herself// with the flat
iron. her hand writing is
m e s s y_ and not all neat like
all the other girls. she enjoys
watching { kid shows - and still
likes to dip her finger in
the ~cool whip+ container.
her waradrobe is different,
but __ it makes her unique
she likes her sweats and always
has that ( hood up ). she knows
shes pretty, but a little
make _ up _ never _ hurt
she's herself, proud to be herself,
and was also


"I hate you"
l o v e            m e            a g a i n            ?

"Shut up"
i        n e e d        y o u


p l e a s e    s t o p    m e
Shcried as she sat there
dreaming   about   their   future
or what was left of their furture

as  she read that  last
text  message  again ;

"i dont  love you any  more"
And when her lips met mine,

I  knew  that  I  could  live  to  be  a  hundred«

visit every country in the world,

but  nothin woulever  compare  to  tha singl momen

when I first kissed the girl of my dreams

   And  Knew  That  My  Love  Would  Last  Forever   ]

          We All Want That 
                                                       [  s   w   e   e   t   ]
                                                       [  i n c r e d i b l e ]
                                                       [  never     ending ]

ummer Romance

hen i was little i thought i loved you
when i was littlthought i needed you

oy Was I Wrong

Valentines Day ♥
[   flowers $20   ]     [   movies $30   ]
[   dinner $70   ]     [   drinks $50   ]
[  hotel   room   $170  ]

// The look on his face
when she tells him
shes on her period..



here She Sit's
*   that   girl   you   once   loved   ;
( the one you said you'd do anything for )
--> now she'd do anything for you to just look at her
just    one    glance.
(that  way,  you  could  tell  how  much  pain  shes  going  through)
just  by  looking  her  in  the  eyes.

oh   boy,

why    did    you    have    to    do    this  ?

she really did love you