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Who am I?
Good Question, that I can't even answer.
This is my 'other' witty; my venting space.
This is my dark side.

Quotes by thebeautythatshineswithin

I just don't see the point anymore.
I want to die.

I'm done being suffacated by my own thoughts.
I this doesnt end, I'm just gonna end it. Done with the thoughts, done with feeling this way, done with this life.
Fat cheeks. Ugly face.
Fat Thighs. Weird legs.
Too short. No Boobs.
scars. scars. scars everywhere.
too much muscule.
Big Feet. short nails.
too-thick hair. Freckles.
Weird nose. Baggy clothes.
more scars. Bruises.
fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat
ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat
ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat
ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat 

on Anorexia.
Make me beautiful and skinny. Make me 90 pounds. Let me have a bigger thigh gap. Let me show off my hip bones and ribs. Make me pretty. Let it make the boys like me. Make me like what I look at in the mirror. Make me a flyer again. Make me tiny. Make me go back down to size 00. Do your magic. I want to be hungry. I want to be beautiful. Please just make me perfect.

I don't know what to do anymore.

Plot Twist: You text me first

"You're beautiful and sad,"   
"Just like your eyes."

I looked at the ground embarrassed. "I want to lose ten pounds."
"You really don't need to."
"I do," I said stubbornly, and turned away.