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Hey, i'm Cali <3 First of all, I'd like to let you know, Witty is my escape. I come here to get away from all of the drama, and to just let go of everything. Witty is my life. Please, don't leave negative comments, i am who i am, i'll never change. Like, comment, or follow if you want to, and if you actually like my quotes, but if you don't, thats fine. I wont go around, begging you to like my quotes or follow me. Anyways, on to my bio. Music, dance, drawing, singing, acting, pretty much anything arts related, are my favorite things. |f you ever hear a really good song, post in my comment box, i love new songs. I have two older brothers, and a miniature schnauzer puppy named Chelsea that i love dearly. I'm 12 years young, live in Canada and have light brown curly/wavy hair and light brown eyes. If you're nice to me, i'll be nice back, but if you're a bitch, well, what goes around comes around. If you ever are hurting, or need help, i give great advice. So, if you want to know a little more about me, talk to me, cause i'd love to talk to you.Oh yah, and if you want, follow me on tumblr, i would greatly appreciate it.
"Dream as though you'll live forever, live as though you die today" Live life to the fullest and remember............ CHICKS BEFORE DICKS!

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So i got my first period today, and have god awful cramps. Any tips for helping to soothe them?
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I feel like I'm losing myself

The Crush Survey.

Do you like a guy? yeah <3
What color is his hair: Brown
What style is it: curly and gorgeous
Cute smile: the cutest
Braces: nope
Glasses: noope.
Abs: heck yeah<3
Height: same height as me
What grade is he in: a year older
How did you meet him: school
How long have you known him: two and a half years
Would you consider him your friend: yahh
Would he consider you his friend: yah
If you asked him for a hug, would he give you one: probably
Does he play any sports: yes<3
Can he play the guitar: i dontknoww
What about any other musical instruments: ??
Last thing he said to you: your gonna give me your number <3
Do you guys ever text: not yet, not willing to text firstt
How about AIM: noope.
Facebook chat: sometimes
Last time you were on his Facebook profile: im on it right noww <3
Have you "liked" his profile picture: nope.
Has he ever commented on any of your photos: one
Has he ever written on your wall: no
Has he ever let you wear his jacket: noope.
What do his sneakers look like: im pree sure he has more than 1 pair of shoes.
Do you know what his favorite bands/singers/songs are: radio stuff
What song best describes your attitude towards him: eccentric
What would be his theme song: something with "HIGH FIVE!!" in the song
Do you know when his birthday is: february 27th
Has he ever given you anything (such as jewelry, candy, pencils,etc): a penn
Do you have any classes together: yah one
do you think that he likes you back: no, in the "friend zone" 
Do any of your friends know that you like him? no
Do any of your teachers know that you like him: ahahahahahahahah
Does he know that you like him: maybe, i hope not, im not sure if he likes me back. no, he doesnt. 
Do your parents know he exists: yes
Do they know that you like him: no
Do you think they would like him if you were dating him: probably
Have you met his parents: no
What would you do if he read this survey: be nervous for his response
Why do you like him: hes smart, cute, funny, basically the perfect guy <33
Now that you've read this survey, feel free to take it! No dead girls will show up at your bed if you don't, but if you're really brave, or just really bored, then why not?[:

I love him

but it doesn't matter, because HE is dating HER.


I havwings

yes i can fly

around the moon,
and far beyond the sky
you called my name,
and you set me free
one small voice in the universe
one true friend in the universe
who belives in me

i highlight every quote,
just to make sure there's not hidden message

i knew I wasn't the only one ♥
oh and not my format, obviously 

Of course

I'm in love

with you


*read the red

I was on today...
and searched, "what is my mission?" its response? "mission: turn around...........................................NO DONT! theirs a flying unicorn ninja behind you!!!!"