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Hi, my name’s Katlyn Dion.,
I’m 16 years young.,
I live in Maine.,
I’m a very outgoing person and I love partying.,
I’m your typical teenage girl.,
I like going to the beach, shopping, hanging out with my friends,
going to amusement parks, and just being crazy!! ;P

My boyfriend is my everything, I have no clue what I would do without him in my life.
Idk what else to say haha so hmu if you wanna get to know me..


Quotes by thebombdigity132

Girls Play;;
hard to get
 because boys play hard to keep.

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would really appriecate it!!

The best feeling in the world;
 When you hold me close to your heart and keep holding me tighter and tighter.,
When give you give me your sweet kiss.,
Your yummy smell :)
The feeling we get when we stare up at the stars.,
All the times we cuddled and smiled.,
Our good times.,

That's the best feeling in the world



When someone loves you, they dont need to say it, you can tell by the things they do.

When I'm not with you,

I cant stand it when I have

to go a whole day without

hearing your voice, or

seeing your smile..

Or It brings tears to my

eyes and I'm just completly

lost without you.


Sometimes I just wish you wouldnt





isn't just about your looks,.

its about what's in your heart,.

its about what you believe in and if you stand by everything you do and don't regret a single thing,.

its about loving the ones that would give up the world for you,.

its about being you,.

its about living life,.

I know i'm beautiful in every single way,.




Everytime I see you..

is just a sad reminder of how I cant have you.,♥ 

I HATE when..

i cry really hard for a really long time
and i get super tired and a horrible headache on the side :/

Dont let someone who will

 drop everything for you

go., cuz thats love.