Status: My Heart Is Perfect Because You Are In It..<3
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You Put Your Arms Around Me And Im Home...<3


Quotes by theexpressfulsideofme

Girls Fall In Love With What They Hear.
Boys Fall In Love With What They See. That's Why Girls Put On Makeup, and Thats's Why Boys Lie.


What's Minnie Without Mickey?

What's Tigger Without Pooh?

What's Patrick Without Spongbob?

What's Me Without Food?




Can't Keep 
My Eyes Off 

You Want To Get His Attention?

Stop giving him yours..

You Used To Shine So Bright,

But I Watched It All Fade..</3

. ...... TrT


That Awkward Moment When,
Your Kindness Is Mistaken For Flirting...



You Have A Beautiful Girl Wrapped Around Your Finger. Wake Up And Realize it. Treat Her Right, Before She Isn't Yours Anymore.

- The Guy That Will Actually Treat Her Right 


And I Wonder Which Version Of You I Might Get On The Phone Tonight...♥


I Was Enchanted 
 To Meet  

You.. ♥



Dear God, 

Sometimes it is hard for me to understand what you really want to happen,

but I trust you, I know you will give me what's best.