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Oh, and on my Christian Schoolgirl Problem quotes, I'm talking about going to a christian school, not being a christian girl who goes to school. Just sayin'.

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Quotes by glitter on my hands*

I find it a little bit funny
how breaks during the school year are like muting your life for a while
but summer break is like turning the volume up louder
Dangit, I have all these quotes that I want to delete, but then I see 2 people favorited it and I'm like "Oh no, what if I changed their life?!"
What if I just go be no one?
Could you try and not get so much work done?
Sometimes I've just had enough
I fall apart
Is this how the dinosaurs felt
when the sun got too hot?
Tip: don't look up "johnlock" on google images. During computer lab. In a room full of your female puritan classmates.

My friend learned that the hard way -_-
Oh, so you're gonna make your profile complicated so I can't unfollow you?
Clever. Very clever.
Christian Schoolgirl Problem #3

Watching "The Ten Commandments" while Thrift Shop is stuck in your head.
Christian Schoolgirl Problems #2-

You can swear all you want, but as soon as you say "oh my god" once, you're a devil child for the rest of the month.
*whispers* "Dude, do you even lift?"
" 'Dude, do you even live?' "
Christian Schoolgirl Problems #1
Teacher-"okay, Let's pray."
Me-*sneezes extremely loud*
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