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thegirlnextdoorr's Favorite Quotes

                    Darkness only exists
so the stars can shine

This quote does not exist.

with friendship;; it doesn`t matter how long
you`ve known eachother, or how many fights
you got into, what
matters is who said "i`ll be
there for you"
&+ actually proved it

to wear your hair in a messy ponytail,
to apply your makeup in the dark,
or, even better, not wear any.
to avoid looking into a mirror for one whole day
to screw counting calories and eat whatever you want,
to buy a pair of jeans and not care what size they are.
to listen to a band that nobody's heard of 
and crazy dance around your room, with t
he windows wide open.
([ don't forget to sing at the top of your lungs.)]
to admit to your crush that you've been in love with him forever,
to read a book even if you hate reading,
to write a poem or a song, even if it turns out to be awful.
to, for once, just be yourself
and not care what anybody else thinks.

credit to fabulousfades.
got my ideas from other quotes.
do you like it?

hey guys.

my best friend was

just diagnosed with lukemia... ):

so, for every heart/favorite i get, 

i'm going to donate a dollar to

any cancer foundation that i can.

this is not a joke you guys...

i wouldn't joke about this...

i'm sort of trying to

raise awareness as well.

so please!

favorite this quote?

you are my sunshine, 
my only sunshine
you make me happy
when     skies     are     grey.
you'll never know dear
how much I love youu..
 please don't take my sunshine away (:


Today, as I was waiting in line at a store
I noticed the cashier had a British accent.
When it was my turn, I faked a British accent in conversation.
He asked me where I was from, so I admitted that I was faking.
His British accent disappeared as he said, "Me too."


My best friend texted me, "What does idk mean?"

I texted back , "I don't know."

I got a message back immediately, "Oh my gosh! Nobody knows!"

This is why I love her.