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Wavy Tail
Hello beauiful(:
My name is Kayla, and I live in a nice little town in the middle of nowhere. (okay, not that much in the middle of nowhere.)
Like everyone else on Witty, I've beend through a lot. I've starved, cut, and all that good stuff.
But theres a story behind it, and I tell this story in my quotes.
Leave me a comment(: and I follow back most of the time, unless I forget!
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Quotes by thelastnight

 You're all I think about.
And I hate to admit it.
It's hard to forget somewho

that gave you so much to remember. 
My Family's Logic.
mom: your father is so lacy and immature and he always wants to relax and whenever i take vacation he makes me do stuff with him and he's so embaraswsing especially when he chews with his mouth open omg.
brother: dad never lets me play minecraft all the time and makes me clean my room and take showers every three days. wtf.
me: I can't believe dad made me cancel a sleepover AGAIN because he wants to 'relax'. just like yesterday. and last week. and like every time I ask him.  and he still hasn't paid back the money he took from me. ugh.
brother and mom: your father does so much for this family how could you ever insult him he's like a friggen saint. we've never done anything to insult him because we're good people but you are disrespectful for saying such a terrible thing. go to your room this instant young lady. i don't want to see your face.

Life is like soup.
You don't get blown unless your hot.

I'm jealous of Candance from Phineas and Ferb.
She has a trustworthy best friend, that puts up with her busting,
A boyfriend that loves her no matter what she looks like,
Two brothers who care about her more than almost anythings,
And a mom who comes home everyday for her, yet doesn't complain too much.
She has everything anyone could want.

Teen Titans, Go!
We had the best childhood(:

Today, in the top quotes I've seen
1 One Direction quote
5 hating on One Direction quotes.
This doesn't even make any sense to me.

I think about you all the time ♥
except when I am hungry. then all i think is -


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