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You're not getting a New Years kiss?


There you go beautiful. Hope you liked it :)

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Summary of 2012:


My New Year's resolution is to stop procrastinating.
I'll start in, like, October or something.
You don't know something?
Google it
You don't know someone?
Facebook it
You don't find something?
If you want Breakfast in Bed,
Sleep in the Kitchen.
Me: Damn, I haven't been on Witty since last year
I can't wait to spend the whole of 2013 on the internet again.
Here's to 2012
Full of smiles, laughs, tears, and screams.
Well. It started off well. It slowly went downward as the year went by.
But here’s to the fighting, the tears we cried.
Here’s to the weddings, the children born.
Here’s to bands and random strangers saving lives.
Here’s to 2012.
I honestly won’t miss you.
But you changed me.