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please help.


Who's ready for summer?


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You're all judgemental about the girls who wear make-up,
but then you go and make them feel ugly when they finally take it off.

You're all judgemental about the boys who show their feelings,
but then you go and complain about wanting a boy who's actually real.

You're all judgement about the girls and boys in drama,
yet you go and talk as much crap as you can over the freaking internret.

You're all judgemental about the people who complain in life,
but then it never occurs to you that their actually screaming for your help.

Have you taken a walk in my shoes?
Have you been through what I have?
Have you seen what I have seen?

Before you judge someone make sure you're
|| p e r f e c t ||


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nmq, just love it.

You cheated on me not once,
not twice, but THREE times,
and now 
want another
chance? Um..



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You're beautiful 
Black. White. Tan. Gay. Straight. Bisexal. Blonde. Burnette. Redhead. Tall. Short. Over weight. Under weight. Short hair. Long hair. Straight hair. Curly Hair. No hair at all. Green eyes. Blue eyes. Rainbow eyes. Flaws and all. ♥

We all have that one crush
not even our best friends know about.