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Hey, my name is Jessica.

Quotes by therecklessandthebrave

Think about me when you're
all alone without someone to love.

Should I sink or swim,
or simply disappear?

Do you think you're the only one
who feels the way you do?

The start is the end,
and the end is the start.
No sight, no love.
No friends, no heart.

"Don't subject yourself to one genre
of music. What you listen to doesn't
define you. You define you."

-Matty Mullins

Baby, we should've left
our love in the gutter
where we found it.

Living in a world so cold,
wasting away.

Open up my veins
so that you can see,

the blood flowing inside me
is the same as yours.

We all hurt; we all need.
We all cry; we all bleed.
We have hope.

Please stay,
forever with me.