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Hey, my name is Jessica.

Quotes by therecklessandthebrave

We all came from
broken homes,
broken hearts,
and broken bones.

"I get tattoos because they will never leave me.
It's the one thing I can count on."

-David Schmitt


People on the internet: your music taste is perfection

People in real life: wtf is this s.hit

We're broken, imperfect;
we were all made the same.
We're broken, imperfect;
we are all to blame.

It's like loving a lion that cannot be tamed,
I snap at the thought or the sound of your name.
If I could find the words,
if I could shake the world,
if I could turn back time,
would you still be there?
to my favorite liar;
to my favorite scar.
So give me all your poison,
and give me all your pills,
and give me all your hopeless hearts,
and make me ill.


I'm sick of feeling cheap,
cheated and abused.
I'm sick of losing sleep
thinking about you.

This is a party
without the people.

This is a show
without the sounds.

This is a dance

without the steps.

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