Status: im alyssa<3 && thats all yew need to know :}}
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Hello Wittians, I have edited my page thanks in honor of Brown_snuffle go follow him, I am a sophomore in highschool, I am the best chica youll ever meet im super duper nice and sweet. add them followers and enjoy me quotes 
Take me to a place
where the doors are open, a lovely little place where no one is broken.
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Quotes by thesweetheart

Two beautiful days cut free, ruined..


Stop putting together
What god is trying to tear apart

  Bisexual Pride
love is love

you've been high high high

youv'e been low low low

pretending to not feel alone

 a good girl with a bad attiude♥

 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// i adore you //////


its funny how everytime you osuh me away,
you turn around & beg me to
stay. . .

My name is Alyssa & i lie to cover the bruises

im not a fool
i just
love that youre dead inside
im not a fool
 im just
lifeless too
can someone teach me how to instert pictures into the background?
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