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Hello Wittians, I have edited my page thanks in honor of Brown_snuffle go follow him, I am a sophomore in highschool, I am the best chica youll ever meet im super duper nice and sweet. add them followers and enjoy me quotes 
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where the doors are open, a lovely little place where no one is broken.
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Quotes by thesweetheart


she even tried to overdose & take the pain away
Its not that i dont want help, its just i know theres nothing you can do.
stop saying you care when you dont! You're a LIAR! just stop please..please..
Stop, i dont wanna hear some song telling me people care & that i shouldnt cut anymore. Its just a song one stupid song that proves nothing except people are good at acting like they care so save the sad song.. ive heard them all.

i started my first day of work today, everything was going well i was getting along with

everyone, then my new friend & i went to the back to get some things & my heart dropped as

in the middle of her talking she stopped & starred at my cut covered wrist
Some people say if you love someone you can go on for hours talking about what makes you love

them so much. Others say if you really love someone then you cant explain it because love is

something you feel. But which one is true? As you get older & understand more, your realize

words mean less & less you can see how a person feels about you by their actions. You can feel

how you make them feel. You can create & experiance feelings that you cannot explain.

 So theres your answer, you cant talk about love. You can feel it.

I loved you more than i loved myself & it almost killed me.

What do you when the person you love.. hates you?
I think its great that you can make your quotes beautiful & decorate them with many fonts & pictures, but what about simplicity. Cant a black & white quote be as beautiful as a rainbow one? or one with pictures in the back ground?
I knew from the start i was only gonna break your heart, but it by far that was worst thing i could have ever done. & i hate myself for it.
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