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haii losers! I'm Brooke, you can call me bro..broskii...fag, whatever floats your little boat. I'm your not so average 15 year old ladiie :D I play volleyball, basketball and football. im on the cheerleading team, im in band, student counsil, travel team, peermediation...and yeah more, im a busy lil nub! I love my friends, family, &my cat My music is probably a little different from the normal 'rap' shit. i like rock,scremo, and alternative! a day to remember, breathe carolina, asking alexandria, all time low, peirce the veil, blink182, sum41...WAY more! Im already picking the names of my cats for when i turn out 'FOREVER ALONE!'  I'm walking the streets of...USA. [[state prohibited] AHA, IM FUNNY i laugh at my own jokes a lot...anywhore! i speak sarcasm, and crack lame jokes a lot. im a loser...but, ...well, yeah im just a loser. EVERYONE LOVES ME!>jk im hated :D ahh.. talk to me beautiful♥

Quotes by theunicorn

was homecomming, i went to the bathroom to find a somewhat over weight girl crying, trying to hide her emotions with makeup looking in the mirror. i noticed cuts on her wrists.. i walked up to her and said "OH my god, your dress is perfect! you look so gorgeous, will you take a picture with me" she wiped away a tear, smiled and said "thnk you.. so much.." we took a picture and now we're texting. and this morning i woke up to a text that said 

"you saved me..."

Convo with boyfriend..

 me: What would you do if i cut..?

 Boyfriend: I don't know, probably break up with you, thats weird


Im spending valentines day with my ex

box 360

I'll love you to and -->♥

I'm so romantic sometimes;

i think i should marry myself.



I still love you.

                ^will always.
Tired of feeling


I mean, i like you.
But it's whatever. it's not like you're going to like me back.



Best feeling in the world:

being absolutely and utterly in love with someone.

Worst feeling in the world:

being absolutely and utterly in love with someone.



Is it only me, or does every house have it's own particular smell.