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Help please?

So this human posted this on one of my social media pages.

hi on my guestbook u said newbies dont somethings i have another account witch as been around longer then urs so shut the ****up u brat and i would be a shamed 2 be ur mom my kids wont talk like u they wont talk like brats

She posted this becuase I was explaining something so called inappropriate for a 13 year old. I mean, come on,the topic S.E.X is inappropriate? My doctor did have the talk with me when I was 12.

How do I response to make her feel guilty? I mean, I did lose my parents. 
I feel like imma cry becuase I feel like it's my fault. 
 Eid mubarak to all the muslims in the world !!!!!!
My Eid was wqonderful! I saved a baby cat and helped it find it's mommy!