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thisislegit14's Favorite Quotes

Sometimes I lay in bed at night
  and think about all the things I wish I could say to you.

i think witty needs spell check..

l   i   t   r      u

(and like some clothes and food or whatever)

When you go on witty

To look for a facebook status




Waiting 5 minutes
to text him back because you don't want 

to seem desperate

In the bathroom stalls, where you feel like people can see you. 

Don't you understand?

you mean more to me than
anything in this entire world.


-Peter Pan

everything's funnier
when you're not allowed to laugh.


He likes her & She likes him.
  everyone  can  see  it ;

    e x c e p t   f o r   e a c h o t h e r  .  


everyone has a weakness,

but I have 2.
everything you say, and everything you do.