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that feeling you get
when the guy you like
goes into a relationship on facebook.

I just want a relationship.

it doesn't have to bbe the cutest thing ever. i just want someone

ugly is just a word people use to put others down and feel better about themselves. a truly ugly person is not "physically unattractive". it's someone who has an ugly personality, someone who is ugly on the inside. someone who portrays themselves as selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate, uncaring, mean, spiteful, dishonorable and so on.

i just want

to be wanted ♥
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it's what i do


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Sometimes people get what they want,
but it's not always what they deserve.

wanting to eat everything in sight, gaining like 3 lbs, laughing then crying. and wanting to scream and everything and everyone when you're extremelyyyy irratable.

Stop with the fake tans, stop caking on the make up, stop the plastic surgery. stop with the brand name clothes. stop the push up bras, the short shorts, and cleavage showing tops. be comfortable. if someone doesnt love you for you, then obviously they arent the right one. you shouldn't have to go through  all of this to look "pretty." someone out there thinks you're beautiful someone out there loves you with or without you knowing. People fall in love with looks and sometimes they dont work out because they don't know the real you. be yourself, be natural. then you know for sure someone is looking inside, someone is taking the time to know you, and the real you..


People think high school is all about parties and drinking.

but thats not what high school is for everyone.

high school is losing friends because they no longer make the right decisions, and they chose depressants over your friendship.

high school is staying at home because you're over loaded with homework.

it's wanting to scream and cry at the same time because you're not happy.

its realizing what jerks everyone are. how they judge you when they don't even know you.

and it's having to go through this all alone because you and your best friend go to different schools </3