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Rachel. 18. Beauty Schoollll


I finally joined after reading quotes for over like two years. My favorite color is pinkkk, and I cheer! I just finished my senior year of high school and go to Portsmouth Beauty School! I have the most amazing husband in the entire world♥
He's been mine since November 20th, 2010 :)
Right now, hes in the army for four years, which makes things hard on both of us, but I got this crazy idea to move to Texas to be with him and get married before he got deployed in November. Then go to college. :)
I do tend to be a sappy love kinda girlll, but I'm a very down to earth person and believe being nice to everyone is one of the most important things in life.
Thats about alll.
Follow me, and I follow backk :D


Quotes by thisislike4

My New Year's Resolution
To become more independent
To become a cosmetologist
To love with all my heart and forget about the distance
Enroll in yoga classes
Do what I want, not what someone else wants me to do
Spend the summer at the beach

My husband just left for

Please pray that he makes it home safely!


I'm ready
for scarves, boots, sweaters, pumpkins,
colorful leaves, that 'fall' smell, hoodies,
bonfires, hayrides, fairs, jeans, apples, crisp air,

I'm ready for fall.

Not mineee.. stole itt cause I loved it so muchhh :p

My  reaction  to  99%  of  Facebook Status...
Seriously, Who  the  f***  cares!


I would save sooo much time,
If my legs didnt grow hair.

He gives me that unexplainable feeling ,
That nobody but him, could ever recreate .
& they call it love ♥

Last night he told me that in less than a year, I’ll have a ring on my finger, his last name, and I'll wake up next to him
every morning.


You Might Not Always End Up Were You
Thought You Were Going ,
But You Will Always End Up Were You Were Meant To Be.♥ 

Hello mother nature,

Yes, I would like to cancel my 

monthly prescription.

» AHHH! I cant do that for another

40 years! «

No, I wouldnt like to

transfer to the, 


month plan.

n m q   n m f

I can't wait to just be in his arms again♥

8 more  days  :  D