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Some see the glass half empty other half full, I just thank God for giving me eyes to appreciate the glass
And one day you will remember this remember that but never remember me because you didn't love me... but you loved the way I treated you... I was so unique in my ways of showing you my love.... without a touch I made you feel uff.... that time I took you out to the point of a view a field full of sunflower & roses and i the bee without you  being honey I'm attached to you ufff like asd on a keyboard if only I could be the s instead of the n !
she broke up with me because l cared too much... but now she is give him a third chance after cheating on her ufff okay
I think your name in silence but inside I scream it!
With you I feel alive,
Something gloriously divine
I am the happiest man,
Happy, millionaire,
With nothing in my pockets

First find beauty peace love understanding in God and nature than find someone to share it with!!
                        Be wise

i cant even close my eyes.... because inside my eyelids your name is craved and i am craving you
Sometimes the sun goes away in fear and it starts to rain If i lose you i rather just d.i.e without you I would not know what to do, my world
i only brought the bad out of her.... but how if all i ever did was love her and gave her her way i dont understand if love can make bring out bad hate instead of love.... i guess you dont get what you give anymore. ...
am i suffering because of her of because of me or maybe the world wanted to see how strong i was ?