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First find beauty peace love understanding in God and nature than find someone to share it with!!
                        Be wise

i cant even close my eyes.... because inside my eyelids your name is craved and i am craving you
Sometimes the sun goes away in fear and it starts to rain If i lose you i rather just d.i.e without you I would not know what to do, my world
i only brought the bad out of her.... but how if all i ever did was love her and gave her her way i dont understand if love can make bring out bad hate instead of love.... i guess you dont get what you give anymore. ...
am i suffering because of her of because of me or maybe the world wanted to see how strong i was ?
I dont know what to do in a world without you?
because love always wins
love and understanding is all we need please
Do good and dont look at who !
Your body does me right never wrong
Better yet your voice gets me feeling fantastic
And your smile make me doubt of my life
What did I do to have you such a precious girl like you
They said you get what you give
But i did not do nothing to deserve an angel like you
So i must have God on my side
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