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Quotes by thoughtsbythesea

tape is like trust 
the more you rip if off 
the less sticky it becomes
Dearest Sock, 
     It would be greatly apreciated if you'd stop falling down inside the shoe. You're put on for a reason. 
  Angry Blistered Foot
That awkward moment when the toilet is farther away than you expected it would be...
Peeta's song : to the tune of "set fire to the rain"
I set fire 
to the bread 
watched it burn as mom 
slapped my face
then I cried and
I ran outside 
into the rain 
the raaaaaiiiin 

I set fire 
to the bread 
then I threw it at Katniss's head 
then she screamed 
and I cried 
and I ran back inside 
out of the rain
the raaaaaiiiiiin
        nmq <3
HA Ha ha..... thats funny 
I head it first on Witty...   -_-
I'll always make sure I sleep on his

[left side]

so I can hear 
his {
heart beat} <3 
When you say
            "Don't ask"
It only make me want to ask even more 
Hair tie cutting off circulation!!
quick someone call a ... Elastic cutter?...

I'm done pleasing    
If I spent as much time writing a novel as I do writing his name, I would be a New York #1 best selling author.