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im different and im proudd!!!  [:

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 i love how everyday someone new hates me,
especially when i dont do anything..


i absolutely HATE how every is constantly talking about Justin Bieber...
 like honestly i dont mean to sound mean but hes annoying...
 the end<3

someone seriously help me like ASAP this guy i used to be inlove with hates me! well he has for a couple monthsnow but for months i thought i was over his but today i was looking through a folder on my phone and i guess i have a saved conversation with him and just hearing his voice brought me to tears, my friends say i should call him, or wait for him to come to me, or talk to him in school monday, what should i do? please help!! i wanna call  but the closest i get is dialing his number! </3
Me; your such a brat! (;

Him; your so beautiful(:

Me; your so amazing<3

Him; your everything a guy could possibly want in a girl<3

true conversation;D

When a cop says, "Your eyes look red. Have you been drinking?" Do NOT reply with, "Your eyes look glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?"


I love you more than anything; and i dont even think you know im alive



We're All Just Looking For Happy Endings(:

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