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Quotes by thumperXbabe

Girl: Do you want to hangout today?

Boy: Oh i dont know im not really feeling good...

Girl: Oh okay maybe tomorrow then, feel better<3

*Girl goes to make his favorite soup...knocks on his door, and his mom answers saying hes at Summers house, the Girls BESTFRIEND*


All My Friends Either Have Boyfriends Or Girlfriends.

And All I Have Is No One.

How Sad.

Do you honestly not see the way i look at you.?

Do you honestly not see the way im hungup on every word you say?

Do you honestly not see the way i stare into your eyes just to see if you feel the same way.?

Do you honestly think i wake up everyday and get ready for no reason.?

Do you honestly think i just stand there when we're saying goodbye cause i want to.?

Do you even honestly pay attention to me..? ....Or

Do you honestly pay attention to  my bestfriend who is always right there beside me...?


Dear Guys of the world,
  when girls say they are cold. its only because they want your hoodie, when they say their tired they want to rest their head on your chest, when they say their scared they want you to hold their hand and let them know you wont let anything bad happen to them, when their sad they want you to wrap your arms around them and tell them its gonna be alright. Translation into guy code, make them believe you love them, then ditch and go out with their best friend the very next day<//3

i wish on the stars that you would just smile at me.

i wish on the moon that you would hold me and never let go.

i wish on the sky that you were mine.

i wish on the galaxy that you loved me back

its just one of those days where i put on my happy face, and pretend everything is okay;



Ive been played.
Ive been cheated.
Ive been forgotten.
Ive been hurt.

Ive been everything except the one for you</3

All mine</3
i just dont get how life can go on with out you.?

Well look at what we got here...

Perfect hair,
Beautiful eyes,

Yupp no doubt about.


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