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Quotes by thumperXbabe

i believe you can make anything beautiful;
a true man tells you..
that you have natural beauty<3

i love staring into his beautiful baby blue eyes,

and when he looks back at me, and we hold our gaze,

i get butterflies in my belly,

and when we sit by eachother i have the sudden urge to put my head on his shoulder..but i dont,

and when our hands accidentally brush against each other i feel the need to grab his hand and not let go..but i cant..

im in love?


i dont mind making jokes,

i just dont want to look like one.

-Marilyn Monroe<3

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Fear of long words.

with all the new technology in the world,

you would think someone would be smart enough
                               to invent a
reset button!

i like your lips
   like i like my cocoa-cola ;p

the stars lean down to kiss you...
               as i lie awake and miss you :(


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