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Quotes by tripindicular-tiana*

I love laughter.
I love seeing the smile people have when they laugh- how it's the biggest smile they can have.

I love when people try to stifle their laugh in moments of seriousnes. 

And when people double over or cover their mouth and with some people, when their dimples appear... Oh god, I love that. 
When people laugh at the smallest things, I feel like laughin' along with them.

When people laugh at the stupidest, wackiest thing.
But it's even better, when people are laughing with you, because whether it was a joke or just something somebody said, you're all sharing a connection and well, that's pretty damn nice.

So you know what? Laugh. Laugh at the class clown in your  math class. Laugh when your friend trips over a chair and they hope nobody saw. Laugh when the actor on the screen says the perfect, witty line. Laugh until your stomach hurts, your lungs are gasping for air and your cheeks feel like they're stretching off your face. Laugh when you think of that embarrassing moment while you're in a serious lecture. Laugh it all off when you say something dimwitted in front of your crush. Laugh in the face of fear.

But laugh with everything you've got, because life can get a little hectic and it can also be fckin' hilarious.  

Everybody knows,

I'm hung up on you 

Baby, you a song

You make me wanna roll my windows  d o w n


and CRUISE...

Tonight, we own the

my boyfriend: Your hair is so nice when it's up like that. 
me: You mean when it's in a messy bun?
my boyfriend: 
Yeah. You just look so, I don't know, really attractive and yeah.
me: In my lazy look? with your oversized t-shirt, my hair all up and I'm wearing a really old pair of shorts? 
my boyfriend: Well yeah. It's when you're most beautiful right? 

okay bye guys i died. 

But even if the stars and moon collide

I never want you back into my life  
You  can  t ake  your  words  and  all  your  lies
oh oh oh, 



What normal couples do:
Go on long romantic walks, share food, giggle, make googly eyes at each other, talk about school, talk about life, etc.

What my boyfriend and I do:
Blare out Michael Jackson by the river, sleep on grass and throw pinecones into the river 

Guys have just as much feelings as girls.
A lot of people think, "Oh they're guys. They can't cry" "Don't show weakness" etc etc. Yeah well, my dad always told me if you ever see a guy cry, know that he's broken.

Now, I fully believe him. At lunch, one of my guy friends found out his girlfriend had cheated on him. 

In our career class, he came in literally crying. They [him and 3 of his closest friends] came in late and ignored the teacher's lecture. 

If you ever see a guy crying, go hug that boy. 

the sad moment when

there's no more bubbles

to pop on the bubble wrap.