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Quotes by tripindicular-tiana*

K I swear to god my science class is full of idiots. 

I don't understand their problem with notes. or writing anything for that matter. YES, notes suck. Our teacher makes us write a lot, but did they ever realize... HEY, if you take the notes and study off of them, you'll pass the test with the mark you want? It'd be smart right? 

Nono. Let's all ask Tiana because she knows all the answers. 

I swear, if I get repeatedly asked questions about periodicity, I might shove a textbook down a kids throat. 

Yeah. I had to let that out. 

I love how my mom and dad met.(:

My Dad was a construction worker, and was usually busy during the day. One day, he had spare time, and was going to 7/11 because it was really warm. Instead, he saw his buddies truck at Robin's Donuts. 
My Dad wasn't much of a believer in 'love at first sight,' but when he saw my mom handing somebody's order- in her ugly uniform, hair in a messy ponytail -my dad knew that he found his lover. Afterwards, my dad would go to Robin's Donuts just to see my mom. 
To this day, my mom still remembers his usual order: peach juice. (: 
such an odd way to meet . :)

So, most people know the phrase "She so wants the D" or whatever, right? 

Well, this one kid in my science thought (or might still think) that the 'D' means 'Digits.' Yeah, I know... 

Anyway, during science class, he got some girls number and he's like "I got her D! Yeah man!" 

Me: say wha. 
Kid: I got her D.
One of the guys I'm friends with: what...
Another friend of mine: You got her D. ... 
*everybody dying of laughter* 

Kid: WHAT.
Us: Well, we'll let you figure that out... 

This, wittians, is my science class :3 
Social Studies Class:
Mr. S: Okay, read #2 now...
Guy on my right: *giggling* number two...
Guy on my left: hehehehehe... 


MeDad! I need help with answering number two-

...Boys don't grow up. 
Like you

You and I,

-"Born to Die" ; Lana Del Ray 

I wanna wrap you up;
Want to kiss your lips;
I wanna make you feel wanted...
And I want to call you mine

Want to hold your hand,forever

And never let you forget it, yeah,

I want to make you feel,

on the loose...
that moment when...

somebody texts you... after you put your phone away-_-
That moment when you're at the pool and you let out your inner str//pper when you're taking off your cover-up.