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Hey there! My name is Tiara and I'm from the crazy state of Michigan.
I'm a freshman, and let's just say I can't wait until I'm out of school.
But my life at home isn't too great.
I'm only 14, and I want to be older more than anything.
I awlays seem to fall for the wrong kind of guys </3
And I hate dumb whores.
Also, some of my bestfriends have wittys! So here they are:
Trevor ( JelloShotMonkey )
Kia ( MichaelaLovesYou )
Jaycie ( jaycievolleyball12 )
Tyslee ( Volleyball4ever )
Jessica ( freshie23 ) 
Go and check them out :D

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Back from school:


There's nothing to do!

Wait, I still have homework,

.....Nothing to do!


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Am I the only one who actually kinda likes this detox thing?
Everyone has an addiction, & mine happens to be you 



& you'll never know


                                  how much you really mean to me 


Can't deny that I want you,

but I'll lie if I have to . . . 

- Drake 

I love having my birthday on halloween♥


Okay, so I'm just wondering..


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Purple ;


I hate it when I'm sitting in class,

and I think of a GREAT quote,

And then I come home and forget it...


I never think of great quotes




I  ' m  surprised   you   don't   smel  l    ,

because your so full of S H I T