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Hey ya'll, whats upp(:

Im molly briann and ima country girl. I was born and raised in the country, and i wouldn't change me even if i could. I believe in fairytales, even if everyone else dont. I have a man that i wish I could love forever, but life sucks then you die(: I hate drama, but love life. Summer is my favorite. Theres just something about wearing those short shorts and some worn in cowboy boots that im crazy about. Laying out all day on the lake, then gettin down on a tailgate at a bonfire. Since ima mainer, winters are nice too. I love holdin on to my boy as we speed down the trails on the sled. I love my friends, and miss my family. I believe in god because when nothing else can help me, he's always there. Hes my light at the end of the tunnel. I do what i do to inspire people. Im always bubbly and i help whenever its needed. I want to live up to my potential. Thats it, im done talking about myself(: 

Quotes by tillenchica

yeah buddie
rollin like a REDNECK
chevy jacked up with a straight pipe smoke stack

City girls slip and slide
Country girls grip and ride
Baby I'm Amazed By you 
Start a revolution...

Love your body<3
 I've always heard stories of best friends falling for eachother
But i never knew that it would ever happen to me. 
When it did
It blew me away
To think that i could ever think about him 
Like i do now!

 Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass
      it's about learning to dance in the rain      
 when he told me
it felt like my heart was in my butt
i legit stopped breathing
my mouth was open for 2 minutes
My heart was beating so hard,
i felt it through my whole body
just cause he told me

the first letter was me
life is short
so lets scream till our throats bleed
run till our legs give out
stop with the punctuation marks and red lights
dance till we fall
kiss like there's no tomorrow
and live like you may
die tonight

lazy on the colors.