Status: Let hope be your legacy. You can stand proud and say you never lost hope.
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Love with everything you have.

Quotes by timi

The only prison is in your mind.

Love like you've never been hurt.
Laugh until you're clapping and tears are in your eyes.
Live like the only moment is here and now.
Always good when people claim your format as their's when you clearly posted it an hour and 30 minutes before them.
Imma looking at you!
I don't care about him.
I'm thinking about me now.

This year;
- I left McDonald's.
- Got a better job.
- Had my first boyfriend.

I know 2015 is going to be even better;
I'm going to start my dream job in January!
And I'll never have to look at my ex's face ever again!
1. Are you in a relationship? 
2. What shoes are you wearing?
Not got any on.
3. Song you are listening to?
4. Are you happy?
Not really.
5. Last time you were really mad?
3 weeks ago.
6. Do you want anyone? 
7. Does anyone want you?
I would have thought so.
8. Want someone who doesn't want you?
Does my ex count?
9. Last time you were kissed/who?
*Sighs* Over a month ago - ex.
10. Next time you will kiss that same person?
Never again :(
  11. Married or want to get married?
Wouldn't mind getting married.
12. Have kids or want to have kids?
13. Next time you are going out?
Tomorrow morning for work!
14. Who with? 
15. Last time you were complimented? 
Today :)
16. Last compliment you gave?
You're a sweetie.
17. Think you're attractive?
18. Who was your last email from?
Someone at work.
19. Last Text?
  20. Miss anyone?
More than anything.
21. Anyone miss you?
I think so.
22. Want to or like to be single?
I'm single ^^
23. What would you change in your life? 
Find a nice guy.
24. Who would you want to be?
I want to be me.  
I didn't love him, I loved the skin on skin contact.
I'm glad I can look back at our memories and smile.
Even though it ended suddenly, I will never regret a moment of it.
 I put in so much effort and he didn't do a thing.
 Though I will never regret being with him.
 Not one moment.
 For a few months, I felt loved.
 Still makes me smile,
 Even if he doesn't.