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hi hey how ya doin. My name is nicole. follow me on twitter @nicoleweaverr i'm sayin funny stuff on that thing everyday lol. btw i don't give in to hate so save your time and just dont even bother trying. just ask if you want me to follow you, but other then that have a nice day!

Quotes by timraandnicole

do u ever just use a pen and ur blown away by how smoothly it glides across the page and the ink just flows out like tears of jesus or something

wise words of advice; shut up.

perks of dating me
awkward and weird so if you bring me in public with you you'll look cool and normal im quite the catch

Me not on my period: never sneezes ever. not even a feeling of a sneeze almost happening.
Me on my period: sneezes every other 25 seconds unleashing the flood gates.

one big room full of tie-dye hipster triangle peace sign basic biitches aka school am i right am i right

it does not matter how slow you go as long as you are not walking infront of me in the hallway


I'm just a 15 year old white girl what do you expect


how do dogs drink water so fast like have you ever tried to drink water like a dog that shitt is no easy task wtf


ok guys this is serious business, if i made a youtube channel woudl you guys watch my videos? opinions please? anything? nothing? ok bye


very unimpressed with googles homepage not being end of the world themed today