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i didn't write any of these there just here for some reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quotes by tinahanafin

i didn't write this.......

...because u know what things just
might not work out sometimes and
some things just arn't the way we
would have hoped them to be,
but at the end of the day we may
be full of regets, but thats just
life& it can't be perfect.
<font color="#7F7F7F" face="Tahoma" size="1">»</font><font color="#99cccc" face="Impact" size="5">l</font><font color="#99cccc" face="Script" size="7">i</font><font color="#99cccc" face="Impact" size="5">v</font><font color="#99cccc" face="Script" size="7">e</font><font color="#808080" face="Impact" size="5">l</font><font color="#808080" face="Script" size="7">au</font><font color="#808080" face="Impact" size="5">gh</font><font color="#e998b0" face="Impact" size="5">l</font><font color="#e998b0" face="Script" size="7">o</font><font color="#e998b0" face="IMPACT" size="5">v</font><font color="#e998b0" face="Script" size="7">e</font></b><font color="#e998b0" face="Script" size="7"></font><font color="#e998b0" face="Script" size="5"><3</font>

&&boy i kinda sorta LoVE you©

ok well at the beginning theres a whole bunch of numbers and letters and stuff, but when u copy and paste it it will say "live laugh love"
&& the c is a heart
i don't like you
i just stare
at you all
day long for
no reason at all

&&i didn't make that up, but i put it in here anway, cuz i wanted to
you know how sometimes in class
you just start gazzing off
and then the whole class
starts yelling out
"ohh boy"
well actulally their right
[[it is a boy<3]]
© © © © ©

i don't reallly make good edits, so make um up yourself, cuz you'll do better than me.ok, and the C's are hearts, if u didn't no that.
did you ever stop to think but then forget to start again? Well that happens to me alot
i'm the kind of girl that laughs 3 times
-once when the joke it told
-once when its explained
-&&once 5 minites later, when i finaly get it

sorry, i spelled some stuff wronge, but u can fix that yourself<3
sometimes life throws you things! now the question is are you going to duck away from it or are you gonna catch it and run with it? OR are you just gonna space out we it comes to you, LIKE ME.
U can watch me walk if u want to -want too-
I bet u want me back now don't u -don't you-
I'm about to show u just how mIssiNg ME feels
-In my red high heals-
-You know how people say
"The best things in life aren't things"
-WELL most times things are
There are three kinds of people in the world; ones that can count and ones that can't count.

three- make it BOLD and underlined&& a dark color
can&can't- underlined & same dark color as "three"
all the other words- a light color
if u can think of better credits THEn USE THOSE! cuse mine r pretty bad.

&&&& i'll admit i copied some of this quote.
How do you keep an idiot in suspense?......tell them to see what color their eyes are, without looking in the mirrir

""{its imposible}*(i've tried)""