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My Pathetic, Real Life Fails
So today I walked into math late and as soon as I walked into the class everyone started singing happy birthday to me and I didn't know what to do so I sat in my seat in the back of the class and took out my books while they were singing...It was awkward and my teacher just stood by my desk the entire time looking at me expectantly adn I didn't know what to do so I stared at my desk...Awkward
Today in Chemistry, I asked this kid where the calcium chloride was and he went over and grabbed it off another table but the cute guy that I have a minor crush on started telling him that they weren't done using it so the kid started to say something back but I shrugged and said, "You can finish. It's no big deal. I'll just use it when you're done." And so my crush looked at me and stopped talking to the kid and he's like, "No it's okay. It's your birthday, you can use it now." And hee was smiling and I was smiling and it was just a very happy moment for me because it is probably the longest thing he ever said to me and I just can't. Sorry I had to tell someone and no one knows that I like him...except for all you people...
My Marketing teacher today called my class ratchet about 10 times today. Then he called himself ratchet for ever using the word swag...I wasn't sure whether to be frightened or amused...
Why I'll be the best parent ever:
When my teeneage child tells me that I'm the worst parent ever I'm going to respond with, "I'm glad you think that. Your father and I are getting a divorce and I'm giving him full custody of you." Then they'll freak out and I'll be like, "Nah I'm just kidding." Then they'll get all mad and I'll just be like, "Good, now you know to appreciate what you have. Like me." And again, my husband will just be there like, "Oh my God."
Why I'll be the best parent ever:
When I get into a big fight with my future teenage child and they won't back down I'm just going to yell, "Thank God I'm not your biological mother!" Then I'll watch them freak out for a few minutes before saying, "Nah, I'm just kidding." And then they'll get all mad and I'll just be like, "That's what you get for giving me attitude." And then my husband will just be there like, "Oh my God."
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Hm, so I'm either PMSing, dehydrated, or a meth addict...yup makes sense.
On the second day of freshman year my AP class had a test on what we read over the summer.
My teacher left the room as soon as he passed out the test to make some copies. As soon as the door closed behind him, my friends and I started yelling the answers across the room. We didn't get caught. He thought that since we were in the only advanced class in our grade we were mature.
Oh how wrong he was.
This is literally how my high school works...
My Pathetic, Real Life Fails
So I was practicing my dance that I've done almost a hundred times and I hopped about three inches off the ground and somehow my ankle rolled, cracked, then popped. It hurt so badly but stupid me keeps dancing in horrible pain. Then I put it in a flexible brace and limped around for a while. The next day I was getting out of a church pew and banged my ankle on it. Hard. Then later I was at my friends house and decided it was smart to play Just Dance 4. I was all into the dance and then hit my foot on her eliptical. And fell to the ground in pain as she continued to laugh and dance. And that is why my ankle is still wrapped up. And I am still just limping around. Idiot over here.
My Pathetic, Real Life Fails
Mom: Life's unfair, get used to it.
Little brother: Yeah it is!
Me: You don't know squat
Him: Yes I do
Him: *Gets up and starts doing squats*
Me: You are way to quick witted for a seven year old.
And that is how I got shown up by a seven year old.
My Pathetic, Real Life Fails
So I had my headphones in, music blasting, computer on, and light on and started to fall asleep. I was almost there when something propelled me to open my eyes. I did and standing at the end of my bed were two blurry figures looking at me. I neary had a heart attack. I ripped out my headphones and blinkd several times to unblur my contacts to see it was my dad and brother looking for one of my old CD players. I swear I nearly died from a heart attack.