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"I can do all things through Christ, whom strengthens me."
                                                                                        Philippians 4:13
I can play the background, I can play the background, because I know sometimes, I get in the way. So won't you take, lead, lead, me?
Above lyrics credit to Lecrae :)
I have some pretty amazing people in my life. Their names are:

Lauren's the name, acting's the life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE acting. So yeah, that's one thing you need to know. I'm a strong Christian, and I'm proud to say I'm NOT AFRAID to share my faith. (Ask me about it sometime.) So besides acting, I clog, write, read, swim, hunt, and cook. Busy lifestyle, right?
I'm pretty much your average sorta-kinda-not-really-popular smart girl. The average one. I'm that one friend that never has a boyfriend, even though all her friends do. Oh well, God's got the right fish in the sea somewhere:)
I think he must be on someone else's hook...

One Direction.      Rihanna.      Flo Rida.                   Nashville Cast.
Taylor Swift.       Katy Perry.     Jonas Brothers.      Pitbull.
The Wanted.          TobyMac.     Lecrae.           Selena Gomez. (The Scene is optional.)

Quotes by tlbparamore

Looking at people that you used to be 
close friends with & singing
'Somebody That I Used to Know'.
Looking at people that you used to be 
close friends with & singing
'Somebody That I Used to Know'.
Someone should sue 
Kidz Bop 

for ruining almost every song ever made.
Hey you...yeah, I mean you. If you have taken a minute to read

this... God has seen YOU struggling with something. God says

its over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God 

send this message on, please don't ignore it, you are being

tested. God is going to fix two things (BIG) tonight in your favor. If 

you believe in God… drop everything and re-post it. ♥

So I told my younger cousins that every time they kiss a boy, a fairy dies.
10 Year Old: "I've made one fairy die, but it was an accident, I swear!"
5 Year Old: "Tiiinnnnkkkeeerrrrbeeellll!"

Me: Hey I just met you
Me:  and this is crazy
But I like donuts
So share with me maybe?




*crush is drinking water*

me: I see you're drinking Aqua-fine-a ;)

me:  ...did I say that out loud?

my quote/ nmf

The Hunger Games
Arrow Roulette





  The Titanic sank 100 years ago on April 15, 1912.

Can I get 1,517 faves for the 1,517 people who died?
You are gone but not forgotten♥

Katniss: sometimes I just want to run away

Peeta: here we go...

Katniss: grab my bow and kill Seneca Crane...

Peeta: Katniss....

Katniss: we chewed these up, and spit them out

Katniss: cause they were poison in our mouthes

Katniss: you gave me bread

Peeta: Katniss, can't you get over that?

Katniss: you threw it out

Katniss: that was then and this is now


Katniss: ...Cato and Clove might snap your bones, but they're not gonna break my boo-oowww.... 

Peeta: Katniss just stop.

My quote, but not my format.