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It doesn't get better.
You do.
Doctor Who Tardis Spinning

Quotes by tobefrank

*Me, with a brand new packet of Blu Tack*
It's too much power!

One of the worst things about being the Hulk would be that every time you hulked out you'd lose a shirt, your keys, phone and wallet. A good thing is that your jeans would suddenly be incredibly fashionable.
Has nobody else noticed the Lord of The Rings reference in The Avengers?
      Imagine if celebrities went around wearing their own perfumes.
      They must be so self scented.

I don't believe in God.
I believe in myself.


Be the protagonist of your own story
not the sidekick
Oh, Ellie Allard. If only I had your problems.
To all those "ugly" girls out there, who think no guy will ever love them because they aren't as "pretty"  as some other girls. I think you're lucky. 
At least when someone falls in love with you,
they'll have fallen in love with the real you, not your looks.

     Cat: *being annoying, trying to eat my biscuits*
     Me: Go away dumb cat. *shoves cat off couch*
     Cat: *licks my hand* Miao?
     Me: I forgive you... for now...


Iron Man 3 comes out in a month. 
Please excuse me while I *FANGIRL*