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Quotes by together_forever_x0x

I want a boy

who calls me beautiful instead of hot,
who calls me back when
hung up on him,
who will stay awake just to wake me sleep,
the boy who kisses my forehead
. the one who shows me off to the world.
who thinks I am pretty even without make-up
. the one who is constanting reminding me
how much he cares about me and
how lucky he is to have a girl like me

If you won't appreciate me,
someone else will.

You love me, you hate me.
You need me, you play me.

We kiss, and we fight.
Push away, pull me tighter.
We're up and we're down dancing around this encounter.

is wasted on people like you.

Dont you hate that feeling when
you feel like your not good enough for someone.

anyone esle?

my biggest fear :
falling in love again...</3

Getting that feeling when a guy calls you....


"Grab someone sexy  tell em' hey;)"

....."why is everyone grabbing me and shouting hey?" 


*favorite if you understand this:)

interseting facts about girls #3
If a girl loves a guy, he will always be on her mind every minute of the day, even though she flirts with other guys.