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Quotes by together_forever_x0x

The Little Freshman
feeling all shy and alone, crushing on the senior that will never notice her </3
The Fake Sophmore
trying to live up to the senior boy that every girl likes
The Silly Junior
believing that the senior boy loves her just cause she is closest in age
The Lovely Senior
crushing on the shy little freshman girl, that he will always notice  ♥ 

so there's this boy.
and i would tell you
fall in love with him too.  

Question time;;
what's    fake,    slutty,    and    UGLY   all    over ?

your girlfriend.

Elementary school;

eww! you kissed him..

 Middle school;

C'mon, kiss! kiss! kiss 

 High school;

seriously guys, stop making out and get a room.


Trying to forget someone you love 

is like trying to remember someone you never knew 

Moving on is simple,

it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.



your voice is my favorite sound,
& your name is my favorite noun.  

Dude, is that a limp in your walk?

aww hell naah man, thats my swagga. ♥
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