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the names toni, im 13 years youngg, my birthday is June 11th (any twins ?)

I'm obssesed with Jersey Shore
I run track
I'm in 8th grade
The way i eat i should be 200 lbs
I'm in love with a guy who doesnt feel the same way ? (what else is new)
I love love loveee pigs theyre the cutest animal
I love my friends sfm its probably not healthy..


love you guys<3

blahh idk how to end thiss so yeahh...
duces to the cabooses
May 11th - New layout(y) ;b*tch i hate you
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&&Who else remembers

Norman The Doorman ?


ok its early and i dont feel like going to the trouble to find a nice format
therefore i realize this prob wont get alot of faves but thats ok
i just want to get my message out

i don't understand why DIRECTIONERS have problems with everybody
DIRECTIONERS are pretty much telling anyone who doesnt like One Direction that theyre ugly and they should die and to kill themselves like whaat !?
you don't see RUSHERS or BIELIBERS doing that

and i'm not trying to hate on DIRECTIONERS but i'm just saying can't we all get along
like ok not everybody likes One Direction but you dont have to tell them to kill themselves over it

when everyone was hating on justin bieber you dont see BIELIBERS going out and telling the people who are hating that they should die

no one should every be told to kill themselves or that they should die

now directioners dont comment on this giving me hate cause thats not why im saying this

but i just think its a little redsiculous how you think someone should die if they dont like the band you like

so chill out and lets alll get along(:



&&Maybe one day
I'll finally be good enough..


Witty Bestfriend ?

Someone i can talk to about anything

Someone i can text when i'm having a bad day

Someone who will be there for me

I promise i'll do the same


Last Year..

me: miss youu<3
him: miss you too<3

Last week...

me: i hate you so much
him: f*ck you

It's crazy how much can change in a year..



You don't get a second chance

to make a first impression


You know what the worst

feeling is?

Having the guy you really like call your best

friend hot and having to see it happen

format credit - Sandrasaurus

I tell myself that I'm over you

...but then i see your face and i can't help but smile

format credit - Sandrasaurus

I should just accept that no

matter how hard i try

I'll never be her..

format credit - Sandrasaurus