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the names tori                im 13 and from MA.
currently a 8th grader      and currently in a relationship ! 
thats me on the left, and my best friend erin on the right .

i lovveee this yearr. hated it at first bt loving it now (:  
i have sooo many friends that i lovee and would do anything forr..
i have the best doggie in the whole wide world Migo♥

i blow out the candles on august 28th
okayy thats itt!!

that looks like a heart. just saying ♥         
follow (:                         
 btw.. fallonxoxo13 made my background and idk how to change it.


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& heres to the people who loved witty BEFORE one direction.

I want a guy who..

- cuddles
- kisses me in the rain
- ditches his friends for me
- comforts me when im down
- knows when im sad
- hugs me from the back
- says cute things all the time
- doesn't care what other people think of "us"
- doesn't preussure me into anything

it's sad to say that some of these you don't do,
but some you do,
but ill always and forever love you. ♥

I dropped a tear in the ocean.
The day I find it,
Is the day I'll stop
missing you.  ♥

witty made me realize,
we're not the only ones.

i mustache
you a question.

i'll shave it
for later.

& who else is going
to be single on
valentines day?


my hearts not your dick,
so don't play with it.

the awkward moment
when your friend makes
a status about what you said.
yeah. i saw that babe.

format credit to MikeyJames
when you tell people you'll never break up with me,
you should mean it .

ME : I'm tired..
GUY : Then go to bed.
ME : No I wanna talk to you.. 
GUY : Oh haha k
  GUY : I'm tired
ME : Then go to bed
GUY : Good idea night
ME -_- :  night