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Quotes by toriboborix9

Go ahead, take a walk in my shoes. I bet you'd trip the very firsstep.
Lil Wayne.
Throughout my whole life, you've always been number one. Now, things are different. I'm starting to build a life for myself. This night is finally over. And as far as I'm concerned, so are we.
Gossip Girl.
Your not a mess, your just in love.
One Tree Hill.
It's the things you cannot see coming that are strong enough to kill you.
My Sister's Keeper.
The first rule of competition is thatin order to win, you have to want it more.
Desperate Housewives 
People will stare at you,
might as well make it worth their

Paris Hilton.
People think that if you love somebody hard
enough, then everything is just gonna work out.
Well, people are wrong.

One Tree Hill.

I think about him a lot. But, you know how it is.
I wonder if he still thinks about me.

And if he does, is it the same

One Tree Hill.
Nothing`s ever going to happen for you if you don`t
put yourself out there.You gotta shoot for the stars.

One Tree Hill.
We made it. Through all the tragedy and jealousy and confusion. We made it.
One Tree Hill.
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