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Quotes by toriboborix9

So don`t chase me unless you`re ready to catch me.
Grey's Anatomy.
Forgiveness is never easy. Bitterness is easy, Hatred is easy. But forgiveness, that is a tough one. Sometimes people say things they don't mean or do things they can't take back. Sometimes we do things we can't take back. We're all afraid of something
One Tree Hill.
And the things that I remember best are those are the things I wasn't supposed to do, but I did them anyway. The thing is, life is too damn short to be following these rules.
Grey's Anatomy.
I love you and I probably always will, but we go days without having meaningful conversations and I used to miss you so much when that happened. But it never seemed like you missed me and I guess because of that, I stopped missing you.
One Tree Hill.
Love leaves a memory that no one can steal
and a heartache the no one can heal.
I know that I have a heart 
because I can feel it breaking.

The Wizard of Oz.
They ignore each other and look the other way,
but deep down inside they both know,
this wasn't how it was suppose to be.
The past beats inside of me like a second heart.
And sometimes, I believe the whole world has an aching heart.
The Wizard of Oz.
Somewhere in between all the mind games, lies, andseduction, i fell for you. Somewhere in between all the broken promises, manipulation, and heartaches, I got over you, but I guess I fibbed a few times too. Remember all those times I swore I needed you?  Well consider them lies because babe, here I am without you and I survived.
Weezy F. Baby. 
All the things that break you, are all the things that make you strong,
you can't change the past cause it's gone and you just gotta move on.

Carrie Underwood.
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