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"There's a girl in the corner, with tear stains on her eyes, from the places she's wandered and the shame she can't hide." -Tenth Avenue North <3
hiiii, I'm torie. (:
and idk what else to say here.
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Things about girls

that guys should know:

We love it when you send us a 'good morning' text. but, not because you saw us tweet it or put in on witty, but because you were thinking of us when you woke up.

fave for a series? comment suggestions?


 Yes, I'm a girl.
No, I don't believe all guys are the same. No, I don't believe that it's always the guys fault. No, I don't always go after jerks.
Yes, I'm that kind of girl and I do exist.


At some point, you have to realize

that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.


everYtime i see a
wasp, i run for cover
and yell "trackerjacker".


I've gotten so used to
faking a smile
that sometimes I even fool myself



Here's to the girls who
don't always WIN. The girls that stay up all night listening to music that inspires them. The girls that laugh, smile, cry and think all on a daily basis. The girls who love, learn, and regret. The girls who never have it easy. The girls who learn the way to live and tell about it.
The real girls.



Sometimes, I have to remind myself
that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing

  Well Behaved
women rarely 

make history (;

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Hey guys...
I have chapter 2 & 3 written and they're ready to upload. But, I'm not sure anybody is actually reading it? I had so much feedback on my first quote about the story, and it decreased alot since it. Chapter 1 only got one fave! So, this is basically asking if I should keep uploading or not. Let me know. <3 xx