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toriibabeyy's Favorite Quotes

I'm not popular, but I have good
friends. I'm not rich, but I have
everything I need. I may not always
be liked by everyone, but I am
loved by the people that matter:)
(: . 

that one friend, that you can just look at
and know what the other is thinking about
and then have a silent conversation with them...
Love those moments<3


When you start to miss me, remember: I didn't leave, you pushed me away.

                  Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody                  

life gets,
you still need that one person wo you can be completely stupid with.


this quote goes out to my bestfriend ever (aubweeexx) she has been there for me since day 1. I tell her everything. were twinnies. we have exactly like the same lives. no lie. she understands me more than anyone. we oovoo all the time. text non stop. I never met anyone like her. I tell her everything. EVERYTHING. yous all should go follow her. she is my best freaking friend ever. we know everything about eachother. I don't know where I would be in life right now without her. she's the kind of person I can kid around with. she is forever my bestfriend. please never leave my side aubbs. loveee youuu girl. <333333 always &forever; bestfriends. <3333


hey, remember me your so called best friend...
when we hung out 24/7.
talked all the time.
but oh right she came back in your life
and now i am invisble.


My best friend has ditched me
Now i feel like i could punch anything in my way.
We were close,but i guess not.
The best relationships are the ones you didn't 
expect to be in, the ones you never saw coming. ♥

She is a girl,

not a puppy.

You are her


not her owner.

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