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Quotes by desultori*

Does anyone even use this site anymore?

Tell me a secret. 
Seriously, tell me all the things
you've kept to yourself and all the things
you wish you could get out.

You left me hungry. Not just hungry, starving. You left me for weeks wondering. Where were you? Why'd you leave? What did I do? Will you come back? I wanted you more than air. As long as you were here with me I didn't have to breathe. I could die as long as you were in my arms. But you weren't. I'm still breathing and I wish I wasn't because of you. You and your crooked smile and your hair oh god, your hair. When you left all I could think about was the touch of your skin on mine and how refreshing it would be to touch you again or the way you would throw your head back when you'd laugh and how intoxicating your laugh was and all I  wanted to do was to hear your laugh again. But you left and now you're wandering the streets smiling at all the pretty girls while you walk under street lights and I'm here thinking about your freckles and your arms around me.
You're a drug and I'm hooked. 

"God is love.
              But Satan does that thing
                    with his tongue that you love."


I was watching the snow fall while I stared out the window and 
I thought about if you spent your holidays watching the snow fall
thinking about someone. Maybe you do. You probably don't.
I can't help but think about what it'd be like if you were here 
with me. Would we be watching the snow together?
Would we be throwing snow balls and making snow angels?
Would we snuggle by the fire and read stories and hold hands?
You asked me once what I wanted for Christmas
and I all I wanted was for you to look at me and think
'Sh.t, she's beautiful'
but you never did and you still don't.
What happened to us?
Do you think about what I want for Christmas?
I almost go you a present but you haven't talked to me in 8 months.
So I didn't.
Merry Christmas, darling.



                                                                                                                                         I just realized 
                                                                                                                                         how sad I am. 


You're so beautiful. You're so fu.cking beautiful. God, and it kills me. 
All I want to do is just walk up to you and tell you how beautiful you are,
to look into your blue eyes and get lost, to feel your hand holding mine, 
to hear your laughter and feel the butterflies. It kills me to know that
I can't. If you ever read this, please know that it's sincere. You're getting
a glimpse into what I think of you. Maybe, you're at home writing your own 
paragraph on what you think of me. Maybe you're thinking about what my smile
looks like when you tell a corny joke and how my arms would feel around you.
Maybe you look at me and feel the same way.
That maybe means so much more than it should but God, you're so beautiful.

If you're going to state your opinion
be prepared to hear opinions that are different than yours.
If you're going to state your opinion
and expect people to respect it even if they disagree with it,
respect others opinions even if you disagree with them.
An opinion is not a fact
so please stop acting like it is.

you're just so fu.cked up

I'm incredibly unhappy.