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anime stole my heart


can love hurt like this?


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I like big butts and I cannot lie
Vocaloid is a big part of my life
I play soccer
I am in 10th
My birthday is in Apirl
I own many cats
I am part whale
Friends....I have one, he only says meow but oh well
Piano is my thing (I TRY and sing)
I plan to become a Docter B)
To say I'm obsessed with anime is an understatment
Gumi is #1


Quotes by tothexmoonxandback

『 It's alomost time to stay up til 6 a.m, eat pizza 3 times a day, watch unlimited hours of anime, read for days on end, night fishing, and sleeping in oversized shirts that reach to my knees. It's almost summer. (: 』
『 I sometimes lay and think to myself, ' I must be psychic. ' 
                         or has my generation become too predictable? 』
『 I was watching an animation on YouTube about a bunch of people getting on a train, and they all had little stars with them. After the train would stop, a person would get off to be met by someone waiting at the train stop, their stars would then light up & they'd walk away together. (The person waiting for them being their significant other.) Anyway, more and more people got off until it was just one girl. She then noticed the train was heading for a cliff. The train fell down, she died, and I guess never found her match. There were no words but it was very moving.』
『 What can I say, funny guys make you fall in love without you even knowing it. 』
『God, can you hear this song? Even if you don't wish me to I want to laugh, and now I want to shout out; the conclusion is always No Logic. Since someday the end of our one-time dream will come. Until we accept the end our lives, we won't even think of giving up. 』via (megurine luka; no logic) © lyricsonlinetranslate
『 Happy woman's history month. How will you make history? ♀ 』
『 Let it go, let it go; can't hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go; turn away and slam the door! I don't care what their going to say, let it go; let it go. The cold never bothered me anyways. ❄ 』
『 Summer. Come. Back. 』
『 Shout out to anime for being funny, sad, romantic, scary, confusing, beautiful, inspiring, pervert.ed, and just over all fûcking awesome. 』
『I'm sinking down again; you've got me, and it's in you where I'll always end.』