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Quotes by trinityy_xoxox


Sticks and stones may break my bones,
                      but         words         will         leave            phycological              wounds          that            never              heal.                                        
-Fairly Odd Parents

everyone has a purpose.

well, whats mine? 

i hope you always remember,
the things i'll never forget

it's so werid seeing someone that i used to be so close with and
for  them   to   just  ignore  me    and  act  like  we're  strangers. 


i texted you because,  

i miss you and wanted to talk.
not to get ignored


i don't know why they call it heartbreak.

when it feels like the rest of me is broken too.

It's okay if you leave.

I understand you've made new friends,& I know things won't be the same again.
So go & be happy, I wish you the best. 
depression is just a fancy way of saying,
that you're dying inside. 


i'll never tell you,
how in love with you i am.

i love lyrics that remind me of you.