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The name is Trisha.

Army National Guard

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I'm naturally weird and awkward.
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I do a lot of surveys. And I like to post song lyrics. Sometimes I post thoughts or my own quotes.


Quotes by trishafaye819

Why do you have to pick
Because Im so sick
of never being good enough
you dont know how tough
it is to be a chick


You all think you're so cool
When you're in high school
But in your youth
The sad truth
is that you're just a tool






Merry Christmas

Oh, Christmas tree!
Why can’t you see?
That the elf was missing his hat,
while he was petting the cat.
What has Christmas come to be?


Format by Breeze
A poem my 13-year-old sister wrote. 
I am SUPER proud of her, I think this poem is amazing. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. :

Those Words
Those words in my head
They won't go away
I yell for them to stop and leave me alone
They won't go away
They tell me to
But I don't listen
I never will
They are there when I'm at
 Even when I'm sleeping
They won't go away
People think I'm crazy
But really I'm not crazy
It's only the voices 
In my head
That makes me who I am today
When you're so depressed
and you just want to cuddle
but your boyfriend takes you home
2 hours and 30 minutes early
When you have to hold your tears
until you make it to your room
then you just collapse on your bed
because not even the one closest to you pays enough attention

Why are you in my selfie?

"Wrong number," says a familiar voice.
I might kms if I hear Hotline Bling one more time.

I just want her out of my life
Your life
Our life

Why does it feel like I'm the bad guy for wanting that?

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